Heartfelt Worship

This is a lifestyle of experiencing the presence of a supernatural God and a catalyst for God encounters. We becoming the ministry agents to God as we dedicate ourselves to a lifestyle of prayer, worship, and complete surrender to His will.

Healthy Families

We value and promote the family. Regardless of anyone’s personal life situation, you always have a church family that will love and assist you in finding God’s will for your life and future.

Biblical Honor

We value people for who they are while seeing them through their God-given potential. It is expressed through warmth and friendliness and by taking a sincere interest in every person.

Global Missions

We seek to send people fully equipped to effectively and supernaturally demonstrate God’s love and share His good news — at home and abroad.

Christ-like Generosity

God’s will is for each and every believer to prosper financially as we joyfully follow Christ’s example of generosity — by laying down our lives and giving to expand God’s kingdom.

Personal Responsibility

Each of us is responsible before God to fulfill His Word — which strengthens the core of the church as we work together.

Spiritual Growth

We seek to equip people of all ages to fulfill their destiny in Christ — by means of daily devotions, prayer and fasting, fellowshipping with other believers, and by consistently engaging in ongoing discipleship and mentoring.