I want to share a bit on tithing. I know, I typically hear a collective groan from any audience when I bring the subject up. But tithing and offering is one of the ways God blesses us. It pays to serve the Lord and we should be excited to give and see the Kingdom expand. 

My Grandfather taught me to tithe, and the importance of giving. When I went to church with him I would give a few dollars in the offering. I would make sure he saw it, because he would reward me with $5! But more important to me was that I made my Grandpa Ernest proud. 

My Mother was an amazing example of tithing. A single mom raising her son on a meager income, and even with thousands in credit card debt she never compromised giving her tithe.

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The enemy has many lies trying to keep you from investing in the Kingdom: If you just work on this bill, that payment, or that debt you will have plenty leftover to give to God later. The truth is this: God, like any good Father, responds to obedience and faithfulness.

“And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus,” Philippians 4:19.

Your tithes and offerings are seeds. If you want to see them grow you need to shower them in prayer. Then you will see the fruit in good season.

Don’t just have a good day, have a blessed day!