The Word of God


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Today for my blog spot I just wanted to share why it’s so important and crucial that we know the Word of God. First of all the written Word is the living Word so to know the Bible is to know Jesus.

A long time back the Jewish people would have the first books of the Bible memorized at a young age. They didn’t have any fancy apps or flash cards to help out either. Today most Christians fail to stand up for Jesus and live like Him because they have no clue what the Word says.

You can’t do a book report on a book you didn’t read! If you tried to, the teacher would be able to see right through that made up report and give you a big F.

Polls today show that the majority of those people who call themselves “Christians” don’t read their Bible on a daily basis. The Bible tells us to study to show ourselves approved. We need to not only read the Bible but also study it to understand it.

There are a lot of tools out there today that will really help you understand the Bible. So today start simple, make a goal to read a verse or two and then grow from there.

For our King and His Kingdom,

Kyle Hillerud