The Value of Value


What would you consider the most valuable thing you own? Car, jewelry, tv, clothing?! My husband and I occasionally chat about what item we own is worth the most, we usually come down to two things, my car or my wedding ring. However, to me there’s no comparison, I value my wedding ring way more than my vehicle. 

When I look at my ring, I think of how Justin proposed, I think of our wedding day, I think of all the reasons why I love my husband. When I look at my car, I’m thankful I have a reliable car to get me from point A to point B and all the places in between. However, I do not have any emotions tied to my car therefore it holds less value to me. The dollar sign attached to an item doesn’t always reflect its true value. 

Currently, in our society, there is a “value crisis.” It seems as though things that should hold a lot of value, hold none and vise versa. I get utterly overwhelmed and heartbroken when I see how little popular culture values things that I hold in highest value.

There has been a lot of talk about human life in the media lately.  What makes human life valuable?  If life won’t be “valuable” is it worth getting an opportunity to live? I would argue that all life is extremely valuable, regardless of life circumstance, that defending life isn’t the point of this blog.

A few weeks ago when there was much talk in the news about life and its value, my heart was broken for how little value is placed on life. I began to question and pray about why so many people do not value life. The Lord answered my prayers and told me that it is because they don’t understand value.  

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You see, if we don’t know the standard of value, how can we possibly measure how much value anything has? When it comes to our lives, they have the highest value because the highest price was paid for them. God did something unthinkable when He sent His only Son to die so that you and I can have abundant life and eternal life!  Christ dying for us, gives our lives value!  

Another thing that makes our lives so valuable is that God, himself planned our lives and gave them purpose. Read Psalm 139. He knows everything about us (v.1). It’s impossible to hide ourselves from Him (vs. 7-10). He formed us in our mothers’ wombs (vs. 12-16). 

He knows everything there is to know about us, all of us. God knows all these details about EVERY person on this earth! To have a Heavenly Father that knows so much about me, (the good, bad and ugly), gives me a sense of the highest value!  

You are very valuable, those around you are very valuable. Life, even during its first moments is valuable! Let’s remember who gave us value and remember to treat others with that same type of value!