The Process of Sifting


A couple months ago while I was doing dishes God started talking to me about a couple things. One of those things had to do with sifting. God said there was a sifting coming to the church.

Sifting is a process of removing what doesn’t belong. It is a preparation process. The picture I got was wheat. Wheat goes through a sifting process along the way from seed to table. The first sifting is when it is harvested, the seed is separated from the chaff and stalk.

The next process of sifting can happen at the farm or elevator where stones and bugs are removed. Most times the next elevator or user will sift it again removing even smaller particles. The final sifting process is usually just before the wheat is used to make whatever the user is making. In the case of bread, the wheat has become flour and the final sifting prepares the flour.


For far too long there have been things that have been accepted because culture demands the church accept them. God is saying “no more,” and He is going to remove them. The closer we get to our final destination the finer the sifting process becomes. Purity is what is required. There can be no mixture. No one wants bugs, stones, or chaff in their life and God will remove it.

For our King and His Kingdom,

Kyle Hillerud