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Day 21 | Do Something You've Never Done Before

In 2007 I had a supernatural encounter with God— I heard him speak very forcibly to me, “Don’t let America die”. I was not sure what it all meant, but after research I found out that America has lead the missions movement for about 100 years! If America goes down, world missions almost come to a standstill.

I grieve for the spiritual state of America. We must plant churches! We must get out of our comfort zones and do everything we can in our power to co-operate with the Holy Spirit and plant numerous churches across North Dakota and the United States.

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Day 20 | Pressing Forward

God is challenging us to “Do Something We’ve Never Done Before.”

The only hope America has is when God’s people are able and willing to establish new vibrant church plants across the region. A new church plant grows with new evangelism 3-5 times faster than an existing church 10 years of age or older.

America is dying. We must grab ahold of the urgency of the time. We must give sacrificially and pray diligently for God’s Kingdom to be established in our region through new church plants. We must press forward!

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Pop Quiz: The Unjust Treatment Test

“Have any of you been betrayed? Lied about? Been insulted? Stolen from? Talked about? Has your reputation been destroyed by someone? This is unjust treatment. The Unjust Treatment Test has made a huge difference in my life. When I pass this test, it puts me at a tremendous advantage of favor with God- and the reward matches the difficulty of the test!”

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Pop Quiz: Our Pathway to Progress

How many of you went to school and enjoyed Pop Quizzes? Do you remember the teacher springing a test on you to see where your knowledge base was, and if you were ready to go to the next level? It’s the same with the things of God. When God gives us a test, He has an intention. He has promotion in mind. He wants you to be blessed- to go to the next level. God says, “I want to take you higher and higher. I want you to see more and more of My grace, more and more of My victory, but at every level there’s going to be another test." Tests are the normal way of life. 

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