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If you are longing for a child, family member, or friend to come back to God, there is hope! Fight for them in your prayer time! God’s grace is waiting to rescue them. The enemy has confused and enslaved their thoughts and mind. As you pray and intercede for them watch as they “come to their senses and begin to think clearly” and are able to see the truth of God and the lies that the enemy has been speaking to them.

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A Happy Place

In my “happy places” I can hear God’s voice so clearly! This is a place where I can go to recharge and to get refreshed. I go there with no agenda, no work, no plan. This place allows me to be still in His presence and bask in the majestic beauty of my Savior. I become overwhelmed with gratitude to my King of Kings for all He has created that I get to enjoy with Him! In this place I am at peace inside my mind, body, soul, and spirit.

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