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A Happy Place

In my “happy places” I can hear God’s voice so clearly! This is a place where I can go to recharge and to get refreshed. I go there with no agenda, no work, no plan. This place allows me to be still in His presence and bask in the majestic beauty of my Savior. I become overwhelmed with gratitude to my King of Kings for all He has created that I get to enjoy with Him! In this place I am at peace inside my mind, body, soul, and spirit.

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Day 4 | A Kingdom Reset

We sometimes need a reset. We get bogged down with all of the daily grind and challenges of life, and soon we notice our mind cluttered with anxious thoughts and we begin struggling to have faith for areas for which it was once easier to have faith. This is one of the great benefits of fasting and spending extra time with God, it resets our hearts and minds and brings us back to a deep place in the Spirit.

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