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Connections to Change a Community

I want to share some thoughts with you from the story of Zacchaeus. Jesus impacted one person; this person impacted the poor and the offended. Consider the buzz around town, all because one man— Jesus, intentionally made a connection with a purpose with another man. Connections take time and you have to be intentional, but connections can change a community.

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If you are longing for a child, family member, or friend to come back to God, there is hope! Fight for them in your prayer time! God’s grace is waiting to rescue them. The enemy has confused and enslaved their thoughts and mind. As you pray and intercede for them watch as they “come to their senses and begin to think clearly” and are able to see the truth of God and the lies that the enemy has been speaking to them.

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Pop Quiz: The Offense Test

We’ve been commanded to forgive- not just for the obvious spiritual reason, but there are also physical, emotional, and mental reasons to forgive! Could it be that the reason some can’t experience the closeness of God is there is a fence (offense) separating you and Him? When you restore your earthly relationships, you will see your heavenly relationship restored. 

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