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Commanding My Soul to Rejoice Even in Difficult Times

“It seems that in this time of uncertainty and decisions, many people appear to be battling with all kinds of ongoing anxiety and/or depression. Whenever we are walking through an especially challenging trial, there is a temptation to start to feel a little blue or melancholy. But God has given us EVERYTHING we need to rise up and live triumphantly and victoriously, even right in THIS moment. You can command your emotions to align with God’s Word!”

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Pop Quiz: The Warfare Test

There's an enemy who is trying to take our significance away and make us feel less than who we are. Who we are is found in the pages of the Bible. If you feel insignificant, if you feel overwhelmed, it's because of the lying thief-- the enemy who prowls like a roaring lion. But you can stand on the Word and win the warfare test! 

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