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Day 7 | Don't Worry, Be Happy

Worry- it is common issue we all deal with. Are you dealing with an impossible situation in your life? A relationship that has broken down? A serious health issue or impossible challenge at work? It can be a real challenge to not allow these issues to be at the forefront of your mind. Jesus instructs you not to worry, and if he gave you this instruction that means there has to be a way for you to live above this all-consuming problem that has fallen into your lap. Jesus directly addresses this issue of worry, so let’s take a look at how to overcome this common problem.

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Day 4 | A Kingdom Reset

We sometimes need a reset. We get bogged down with all of the daily grind and challenges of life, and soon we notice our mind cluttered with anxious thoughts and we begin struggling to have faith for areas for which it was once easier to have faith. This is one of the great benefits of fasting and spending extra time with God, it resets our hearts and minds and brings us back to a deep place in the Spirit.

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Commanding My Soul to Rejoice Even in Difficult Times

“It seems that in this time of uncertainty and decisions, many people appear to be battling with all kinds of ongoing anxiety and/or depression. Whenever we are walking through an especially challenging trial, there is a temptation to start to feel a little blue or melancholy. But God has given us EVERYTHING we need to rise up and live triumphantly and victoriously, even right in THIS moment. You can command your emotions to align with God’s Word!”

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