Day 6 | Seeds of Faith


21 Days of Prayer & Fasting BANNER-04.png

You can do it! Don’t quit! The temporary pain you feel from fasting to increase faith is worth it. We must continually substitute our desire to feast on food with feasting on the Word. I paraphrase what Jesus said in Matthew 4:4 “It is not by bread alone, but by every word God speaks.” Feast on what He speaks. 

Since being at New Life, prayer and fasting has become a core value in our home. Big life decision? Pray and Fast. Huge obstacle or trial? Pray and Fast. The last year or so I have been challenged to have greater faith and dream. But the dreams were always, “Make a difference! Jamestown for Jesus! Pay off debt!” There was a disconnect somewhere.

While reading Dr. Paul Yonggi Cho’s book, entitled “The Fourth Dimension,” the words began to leap off the page. I want to paraphrase from his book as you read. The first chapter was on principles of faith and the Holy Spirit spoke to my heart as I read. It was this… 

My goals, dreams, and vision were too vague and undefined. Dr. Cho’s first principal states this: Envision a clear-cut objective. He goes on to write about how he had prayed for a desk, chair, and bike to benefit the call of God on his life. He waited months. Nothing arrived. The Holy Spirit spoke to him one day about his prayers and how there was no specificity to it. “There are hundreds of those items; which ones would you like?” Just like there are 800+ promises of God, which ones are you believing and thanking Him for? 

Dr. Cho then prays, “I want to cancel all my last prayers and start over. Here is what I would like…” He began to tell the Holy Spirit make, model, dimensions, etc. so that when they came, it was obvious that only God had done it. Dr. Cho took his faith and latched it on to something specific and it began to incubate in his spirit. As the vision incubated, Dr. Cho praised Jesus for what He was doing and how He provided the specifics of his prayers. And just as you thought, the exact things were provided through miraculous means.

This is one principal of how God used Dr. Cho to build one of the largest churches in the world, radically changing a nation! He latched on to Hebrews 11:1 and believed it! “Faith is the substance of things,” clear-cut things, “hoped for.” 

At each campus you can find as a bulletin insert ten things you are believing God for. Are you being specific? Do you have names to those salvations? Do you have a number? Do you have size, color, and dimensions of the car you need for family and to give rides to others who you invite to church? Do you have the specific amount of debt you would like to pay off in 2019? Which lender? Plant a seed of faith, but know what you actually planted and are expecting at harvest time. God is asking us to be specific and praise Him through the incubation period. 

Pastor Josh Heilbrun