Day 13 | Laws of Faith: Passion and Assurance 


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Last time I wrote to you about a Law of Faith out of Dr. Paul Yonggi Cho’s book The Fourth Dimension. He first spoke on envisioning clear-cut objectives. Hebrews 11:1 says, “Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.” When our faith attaches to a dream, vision, or goal, is it specific? He moves in the details as much as He moves in the grand picture.

My next question to you is this: Do your dreams excite you? Do you have a burning desire for the vivid pictures you and Jesus are dreaming of together?

I heard it said once, “If your prayers don’t move you, then they probably won’t move God.” What that meant to me was— I need to either move out of my place of apathy or I need to get different dreams that move me to a deeper commitment of prayer and action. Proverbs 10:24 says, “The desire of the righteous shall be granted.” Do your dreams have fiery passion fueling them?

The next law that Dr. Paul Yonggi Cho presents is praying for assurance. We must have substance of assurance. The Amplified Bible elaborates Hebrews 11:1, “Now faith is the assurance (title deed, confirmation) of things hoped for (divinely guaranteed)….”

Dr. Cho writes about a meeting in Hawaii and a woman asked how long she should pray to receive the assurance. He replied to the lady, “It could take only a minute for that peace and assurance to come into your heart in that instant, and you would need to pray no longer. It could take two minutes, two hours, two weeks, two months, two years; but whatever length of time, you should pray through until you have substance.”

We cannot rush the time it takes to spend with God due to our schedules. We must travail, labor and anguish, in prayer to obtain the conviction and assurance of our prayers! As Jesus births dreams in our hearts, and then commissions us, the Holy Spirit will embolden, infuse passion, for us to go and do it! 

Dr. Cho writes, “I got the substance, and once you have the substance— the title deed, the legal paper— whether you see those things or not, legally those things are bound to come to you because legally they belong to you. So pray through until you have this assurance.” 

This why we fast and pray. We pray and fast for God to impart passion into our hearts for the mission and vision of Jesus! We pray and fast to move ourselves out of apathy or inaction! We pray and fast for assurance and substance to take place during these 21 days so we can see the manifestation of these prayers later in the year. 

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Pastor Josh Heilbrun