Day 18 | Intimacy With God


21 Days of Prayer & Fasting BANNER-04.png

Good morning everyone! I hope you have realized that we are very close to completing our 21 Day Fast. By now, the hunger pangs and cravings and headaches should be all gone. But your spiritual hearing should be heightened and that is a wonderful thing!! 

To be able to hear God clearly is a benefit of intimacy with Him, something we’ve cultivated in the past days. That intimacy gives us the strength to continue on in our fast even if it gets hard or we fail. It causes us to know the love of the Father in a real way.

Intimacy also produces abandoned, heartfelt worship. This is the kind of worship God seeks. It is a moment where we move “out” of ourselves and our fear of what others may think, and just desire to get closer to Him. He becomes closer and more “known” to us and thus our view of Him becomes BIGGER! Worship will also keep us from becoming bogged down in the depressing or everyday circumstances of life. It has a way of changing our focus from ourselves to something and someone greater than our present limitations. 

Adding worship to your fasting increases the productivity of these disciplines and keeps us moving on the right road! Psalm 34:1 says, “I will bless the Lord at ALL times; His praise will continually be in my mouth.” Today be especially watchful for ways to thank God and worship Him. Remember and express your appreciation to Him for all He has done. The more you do, the more His presence will be revealed and manifested in your life.


I hope that you have been able to spend more time in prayer and intimacy with God during our fast. Our prayers are never lost or meaningless. If we are praying, something is happening, whether we can see it or not. Fasting linked with prayer and worship invites the presence of God and ignites the power of God!  

When you say NO to some of life’s enjoyable things for a while and focus on God, it’s a powerful reminder in the spiritual realm of who is the BOSS in your life. We replace these things with God, the ultimate BEST for our life!

Devote yourself to prayer even more in the last days of our fast. God is pleased with your sacrifice and waits to answer your heart’s desires. Remember, something IS happening in the heavenlies, even though you may not be able to see it. Don’t give in to discouragement! Above all, DON’T QUIT! You may not see the results right now, but I truly believe that you will see them.

Keep focused on the goal…on the prize, not on your present circumstances. Keep going! It’s so worth it. Let’s finish strong!

Pastor Beth Beadle