Day 3 | Flesh Down, Spirit Rise



I remember when Jennifer and I first moved to Beulah. New Life was a church unlike many I had seen or been a part of. Before we moved, I had people telling me about the 21 Day Fast that the church participated in in January. Jennifer and I had very specific questions like, “Is that even possible?!” and “Will I survive?!” The more we learned and researched we discovered that not only was it possible but also a powerful means denying the flesh and connecting with God to be Holy Spirit led.

I won’t sugar coat it, that first extended fast was a painful experience. My flesh complained and went through pain unique to that event. There are many different types of pain and we all go through them at some point- physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. There’s self-inflicted pain (like cutting live electrical wires, not that I’ve ever done that before…) and pain we experience because we live in a broken world. Fasting can be painful too, can’t it? Denying the flesh can cause real pain, but I know if I push through the pain there will be reward on the other side.

Day 3 Quote-05.png

10 years later I’m so glad we have this time set aside. Every year I make a new list of things I’m believing and praying for through the 21 Day Fast. Some things are personal, some are for my family, some things are for our church or community. Year after year I’ve been able to check off so many blessings and answered prayers. Fasting is a choice to go through temporary pain for the benefit of getting closer to Jesus. It forces my flesh down and brings the Holy Spirit up to lead me.

Think about and meditate on this verse: Romans 8:18 says, “I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us.”

Say this with me, “Flesh Down, Spirit Rise.”

Stay strong— it will be worth it!

Pastor Justin Werven