Empowered For Healing


Shortly after we moved to Beulah, we had a bit of a situation happen in our house. Our house was older and had things that needed to be repaired. The windows, for example, were original to the house. One summer storm revealed that in a dramatic way. In the midst of a downpour we had water streaming on both sides of the window, inside and outside. In a panic we tracked down towels, buckets, and anything that would hold water to try to minimize the pool forming on our living room floor.

Reading a story in Mark reminded me of our leaky home. In Mark 2:1-12, Mark tells a story of a group of guys who carried their paralyzed friend to Jesus. The Bible says the room was packed with people even standing outside trying to hear what Jesus was saying. These guys derive a plan to carry their friend to the roof, dig a hole, and lower him to Jesus. Woah! This is definitely a plan only a group of guys could contrive. Just imagine being the homeowner: these guys just dug a 6’ hole in your roof. Now what? Will insurance cover it?! At the moment I’m sure the response of Jesus was the bigger question. How would Jesus respond to the man that had just been dropped in front of Him?

The beauty of the story is revealed in verses 5 and 10-12. How does Jesus respond to the paralyzed man? Verse 5 says, “When Jesus saw their faith.…” It was the faith of the friends that moved Jesus. Not only did the paralyzed man see his sins forgiven but verses 10-12 say he was dramatically healed as well! “He got up, took his mat, and walked out in full view of them all.” This all happened because a group of guys wanted to see their friend healed.

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Step of faith after step of faith made by these four friends resulted in the paralyzed man leaving healed and saved. They had to carry this man to the house, ignore the crowd of people to find another way to access Jesus, get him to the roof, dig a hole in the roof large enough for him to fit through, and lower him to Jesus. It was their faith that moved Jesus and I believe the principle still applies today. We’ve been empowered to release healing. Sometimes it’s our faith that brings the healing in another’s life. We just have to bring them to Jesus (ie. take steps of faith). Look for ways to share the power of healing with those around you. It could be your step of faith that sees healing and salvation in the lives of those around you.