Connecting to Purpose


“For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them,” Ephesians 2:10.

It was earlier this year in an all day staff meeting that Pastor Ron was leading us in a discussion on the importance of the call of God on our lives. If a minister doesn't keep the the calling of God front and center, then it's easy to walk away from ministry. But you can't as easily walk away from something that God Himself called you to.

During the discussion I found myself in wholehearted agreement, yet I couldn't shake the emptiness I felt on the inside. I thought to myself, "If I am fulfilling God's call, then why do I feel so empty? What is wrong with me?" Finally, after the discussion I shared with everyone the question that kept circling over and over in my mind. I said, "I believe in the call of God and can take you to the very place in the very church that it happened in me, but why then do I have this raging question in my heart: ‘Who am I?’"

Maybe you've asked this question too. You are a born again believer and yet you can't shake the emptiness and the unfulfilled feelings on the inside. You wonder what's wrong with you. Let me tell you what was wrong with me: I had allowed the culture around me to put me into a box and contain me.

I have loved God from the day I was born again, but the fire for God I had became limited to a tidy neat little box that looked like society wanted it to look. America is full of many gods- many idols. The gods of money, sex, power and self are like a monster with many talons who has its grip on America. The motto of the day is "if it feels good, do it." And the devil himself (the god of this world) has blinded people's minds so they can no longer see truth from error or right from wrong. So if you are feeling like I felt, here are some areas to ask God to help you:


God literally wrote an incredible plan for you into your DNA. If we do not walk in that plan we will feel unfulfilled. We live in a culture that tries to intimidate believers into a place of a conforming ordinary religious lifestyle. But you and I were created for more than just to attend church and keep quiet about our faith.

Our faith shouldn't be contained within the four walls of a church building. Written on the inside of you is the desire to do great things with God, but great things don't happen without total surrender to God and His purposes. Don't allow culture to tell you who you should be. Get into your prayer closet and ask God to light a fire in your heart again. Ask Him to make alive the plans and purposes He created you for according to Ephesians 2:10.

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Your Worship

God is the only One who is worthy of our worship. But our culture worships almost everything but God. We are surrounded by the worship of money, sex, power, and self. Our culture says that if you don't bow and worship these gods that you are hateful and unloving. Actually the opposite is true- we must refuse to worship these cultural gods of America! As we bring our worship to God, He empowers us to live out the very purposes we were created for!

Your Heart

Do you desire to have a heart on fire for Jesus? Do you want to overcome those limitations you feel on the inside? Then we must make sure our heart is the Lord's and His only. While culture around us rages and people give their hearts to all they worship, we must purpose in our hearts that our heart belongs entirely to God - no matter the cost to us!

Since examining these areas of my life, I realized that I had been contained and limited almost to just existing as a Spirit-filled, born again believer. Well I am not created to just exist, and neither are you! Ask God today to help you take back your identity as a child of God. Make a new commitment to be radically obedient to God regardless of the cost. And finally, guard you heart. Keep God front and center in your heart and all you do, and you'll find God doing amazing miracles in and through you!

Love you all!