How to Live in Constant Spiritual Victory



"He sent his word, and healed them, and delivered them from their destructions," Psalm 107:20 (KJV).

Are you tired of being sick and tired? Are you weary of being defeated and depressed? Have you come to the end of yourself— living a Christian life void of a vibrant and active faith?

If so, God definitely has a relevant answer to your situation!  

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After helping hundreds of people overcome this situation over the past 40 years of ministry, I offer a workable and lasting solution: Your Victory in Christ is directly related to your knowledge and consistent application of the living Word of God!

The Center for Biblical Engagement reports online that the majority of church-going believers in America have the same values, attitudes, lifestyles, and behaviors of those who do not attend church at all. These church attenders read their bibles, pray, attend church, etc— but they still have the same rate of divorce and immorality as the rest of the culture. Instead of living Biblical values, they live with the values placed on them by the culture they live in. How could this be? 

Isn’t serving Jesus supposed to be transformational? Once we make Jesus the Lord of our lives, shouldn’t our neighbors and friends see that we, as true Jesus followers, live by a different set of standards and morals than the rest of the world? Shouldn’t they notice a heightened level of joy and victory in our lives?

The Center for Biblical Engagement explains: there seems to be a tipping point. Those who are regular church attending believers— who engage with the Word of God four or more times a week— have a significant edge over other believers. They are happier. They live victoriously. They overcome sin easier. Their Christian life makes sense to them! They live above their trials and share their faith!   

All of this happens when believers choose to engage with God’s Word in a meaningful life at least four or more times per week. Three or less engagements with God’s Word weekly is not significant enough to make a lasting change in a believer’s life.

Two important steps to victorious living:

1. We must become knowledgeable of God’s will for our lives through constant exposure to God’s Word! How can we obey commands that we are ignorant of? How can we claim our spiritual inheritance which is already bought and paid for by the blood of Christ if we are ignorant of it?

2. The supernatural solutions to life’s problems that are offered in the Word of God are only effective when we apply them! Once we KNOW God’s will, we must ACT on God’s will. We meditate constantly in God’s Word for one simple reason—so we are continually reminded to act on it (Joshua 1:8).

The information in this short blog has the potential to radically change our lives! The question is this: will we act on this information, or simply go on with our lives as they presently are?

If we make a solid commitment to engage in God’s Word at least 4 times a week— and also commit to diligently applying what we’ve learned— our lives will never be the same. God guarantees it!

The Best is Yet to Come!

Pastor Ron Enget  |  New Life - Lead Pastor