Attitudes and Blessings


If you were anything like me, then you heard the phrase, “You have an attitude problem,” many times throughout your childhood. I wasn’t always the super bubbly person I am today. I was sassy, snotty, and LOVED talking back. What it really boils down to is that I had a bad attitude. Fast forward several years to the moment I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior. I had a total life transformation. I went from someone who was would tear others down to someone who built others up. My friends at school noticed something different about me the very next day- my attitude was totally transformed. One thing that I have learned as I have grown in the Lord, is just how important my attitude is.  

I was reading the story of Jacob and Esau a few weeks ago, and something new jumped off the page at me. I always knew how the deceiver, Jacob, stole Esau’s blessing. While that was wrong, Jacob still prospered and his descendants became the great nation of Israel, and we never really hear anything about Esau throughout the rest of the Bible.   

Jacob and Rebecca thought up of a sneaking plan to rob Esau of his blessing, and it worked. Once a blessing is given, it cannot be revoked. However, Esau did receive a blessing of sorts.

Genesis 27:40 AMP, “But you shall live by your sword, and serve your brother; however; it shall come to pass when you break loose [from your anger and hatred], that you will tear his yoke off your neck [an you will be free from him].”

The story of Esau teaches us that people will wrong us, maybe even take what is rightfully ours, but it’s how we react in those times is what matters. Will we allow hatred to burn inside our hearts like Esau, or will we allow it to roll away so we can receive what God has in store for us? Esau could have been freed from his life of strife if he let go of his anger. Don’t hold on to anger, it ruins your blessings. 

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We can guarantee that others will offend us, steal from us, and hurt us, but we can choose to rise above and not allow those negative things to hinder what God has in store for us. Let go of that bad attitude and step into the blessings God has set before you.   

Pastor Kristen Boles  |  Children's Pastor  |  New Life Church - Bismarck Campus