The Significance of His Presence


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One of the most embarrassing/disgusting moments of my life happened in a graveyard. Don’t freak out! I didn’t live or play in graveyards like the guy I’m going to talk about from Luke 8; I worked in them with my uncle, leveling and straightening the headstones. I was on my lunch break sitting under a tree, enjoying my bologna sandwich when out of nowhere I felt an impact on my head. My uncle started laughing uncontrollably as I reached up to discover that a bird had left a deposit on my head. 

Have you ever owned a bird? I’ve discovered through conversation with bird owners that one of the most common things they do is sit on your shoulder. I haven’t owned a bird but I have had other living things on my shoulders. Like children. When I have a child on my shoulder, I walk differently because I don’t want to harm or scare them. I believe this is an illustration of the Holy Spirit in our lives. Let me explain.

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In Matthew 3:13-17, the Holy Spirit descended like a dove onto Jesus at His baptism. The settling presence of the Holy Spirit in Jesus’ life indicated the start of His ministry and illustrates for us how we should respond to the presence of the Holy Spirit in our own lives. The Holy Spirit desires to be with us at all times but requires us to be conscious of His presence. Our everyday life should change as a result. We should be taking every step with the dove in mind. I don’t want to scare or hurt the Holy Spirit with my words or actions. I want to be conscious of His presence so that I can walk in power and anointing.

Why do I need His presence? Luke 8:26-39 tells me why. A demon possessed man met Jesus on the shore in the Gadarenes area. With one encounter with the presence of Jesus he was freed from his demonic oppression and commissioned to declare the wonders of God to his people. 

This was one of the most significant conversions in all of the New Testament. This man was the worst of the worst. Yet one encounter with the presence of Jesus and his life was dramatically changed. If it worked for Him, it can work for me and you!

Treasure and pursue His presence and your life will never be the same.

Pastor Justin Werven  |  Campus Pastor - New Life Worship Center - Beulah