Make Up Your Mind


In the Bible there is a verse that says, "The double minded man is unstable in all his ways," (James 1:8). In that same chapter it explains that the man is, "Like the surf of the sea, tossed here and there," (James 1:6). 

These verses are talking about making up your mind on a situation and sticking with it. Too many times we cant make a decision. I find in my life that when I can't make up my mind on a certain thing, confusion and unrest set in. 

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When my wife and I were adopting our son Judah, I remember that at the beginning I was having trouble making my mind up. I knew I wanted to adopt, I just wasn't sure about the timing. I was tossed back and forth on the decision. My wife knew the timing was right, but I couldn't settle it in my mind. I remember wrestling with it for quite a while. As soon I came to a solid decision, things went full speed ahead and great peace came. 

We are told to decide this day who we are going to serve (Joshua 24:14-15), so make a decision and stick with it.

Kyle Hillerud  |  New Life Church - Bismarck