Why Serve?


When I was 13, I gave my life to Jesus and decided to live for Him. Almost immediately after making this decision, I wanted to serve at church as much as I possibly could! Anytime there was an event or function happening, I was there to help. As I matured, and found new areas to serve in, I did things I didn’t feel gifted it, or called to do, but I stepped up and did them anyway because they needed to be done. The strangest part is that no one told me that I was supposed to start serving the church. When I was saved, I wanted to do everything I possibly could to give back and help the church move forward. That desire to serve still burns within me today, 16 years later.  

I’m a pastor and my job is to serve, but even if I wasn’t a vocational minister, I can guarantee you that I would still be at the church every time there was an opportunity to serve because I fully believe that God expects it from us.  

Before the Last Supper, Jesus does something that was pretty disgusting, something no one asked Him to do nor expected from Him. He washed His disciples’ feet. Just think of how dirty and nasty these men’s feet were. They didn’t have socks or close-toed shoes, so their feet must have been caked with dirt, probably animal droppings, and sweat. I don’t know about you, but feet gross me out, and to think of washing 24 feet belonging to men that walked all day long does not sound appealing at all.

“When Jesus was finished, He said, “And since I, your Lord and Teacher, have washed your feet, you ought to wash each other’s feet,” John 13:14. 

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Jesus was telling His disciples to serve others, even when it was nasty, or something that might seem beneath them. Jesus humbled Himself and got down and dirty to show that no one is above serving, not even our King. If Jesus could do something so humbling, then I think we, as Christians, can serve outside of our comfort zone, or serve in areas where we don’t “feel called.”

I want to leave you with a simple challenge. I want everyone who reads this blog to go back to their church this next Sunday and look for the areas that need help. Once you identify those areas, choose which one that YOU would volunteer to serve in. Even if you have a specific area you already serve in, I challenge you to become aware of the gaps that your church has, and I guarantee your church has a volunteer gap somewhere, and that you are capable of helping fill that gap. 

Will it make you uncomfortable? Maybe, but Jesus did a lot of things that were extremely uncomfortable, including dying on a cross, so I think you can do step outside of your comfort zone and help your local church move forward. Also, remember just because you volunteer for something does not mean you have to do it every single week, or stay in that one role for all eternity. Do not let these misconceptions hinder you from helping fill these gaps in your local church.  

If you serve your church with your whole heart and a positive attitude, I promise that you will feel refreshed and satisfied.