DAY 1 | 21 Day Fast

Day 1 – 21 Day Fast – January 8, 2018

Every year we set aside 21 days to fast and pray and to put God first. This 21 day fast begins on January 8th and extends through the 28th of the month.

Some have fasted with us year after year. Others have never fasted before-- -and need some basic direction and information. I have listed below some of the foundational understandings of fasting that will really strengthen us to finish once we start.

Many will be fasting with only mineral, distilled, or bottled water (avoid chlorinated tap water). Some may add clear juices and chicken broth. If dizziness occurs, due to low electrolytes, drinking some Gatorade really helps.

Others may fast as follows:

Plan A—Fast completely for 3 days, drinking only mineral or distilled water. After that drink juices for a few days, then only eat fruits and vegetables for the remaining days.

Plan B—Fast completely for 7 days, drinking only mineral or distilled water. After that, drink juices for a few days, then “Daniel Fast” for the remainder of the days.

Plan C—Fast entirely for 3 days, drinking only mineral or distilled water, then drink fruit juices for a few days, then fast for the remaining days-- -eating only one meal a day.

It’s very important to break your fast slowly, only drinking juices and easily digestible foods for at least one week after the fast is completed. Then very slowly introduce new foods, especially heavy foods, such as greasy meats and pastas, and desserts.

Don’t allow any guilt or condemnation for any “fasting failures”. If you fail, or eat; begin your fast again. If you are unable to fast completely, find a plan that will fit you. Once you have established a plan, follow through, no matter how difficult it may be—you will be greatly rewarded for your perseverance.

Prepare yourself for a period of miracles and supernatural breakthrough following your fast. February is designated as miracle month. We will be hearing many testimonies of God’s miraculous power for those who have participated.

Scott Willis will return to Bismarck New Life (4916 N Washington Street) February 1-3 at 6:30 pm and 10:00 am each day, beginning Thursday evening, and in Beulah February 4 th at 10:00 am and 6:30 pm. These will be powerful “Holy Spirit” meetings, so don’t miss them!

Stay tuned for a daily blog that will inspire you to finish strong!

The Best is Yet to Come!

Pastor Ron Enget | Lead Pastor—New Life