DAY 20 | 21 Day Fast | Takeaways From the 21 Day Fast 2018


After each fast, I like to journal what God did and said during the fast. Since some of the greatest breakthroughs come after the fast, I think it is beneficial to not waste any spiritual progress made by forgetting the lessons and benefits that have accumulated during the fast.

Here are my takeaways:

  1. Even though I have a hate/love relationship with fasting, by the time I get to the end of the fast, I am exceptionally happy I obeyed and followed through. Why? Because my confidence in God and His Word increases tremendously. My heart floods with expectation about the future. I receive such a surge of faith, confidence, and the ability to hear the voice of God. I sense God’s presence everywhere I go. This continues for many months after I finish the fast, making it well worth the time and effort!
  2. My priorities change. After a lengthy fast, God has had a chance to weed things out of my life that offend him. I make a renewed commitment to always put God first. The immediate result is that my relationships are immediately enhanced— not just with God— but with my wife and children as well!
  3. I love the physical rejuvenation that happens after a 21 day fast. Toxins are cleaned out. My body feels fresh and clean. I am aware that I have just greatly reduced my long term chances of heart disease and cancer. My stomach is smaller. I am more aware of what are the right things to eat, and I get a new start in living in a healthy new way with my diet and continued exercise.
  4. Receiving answers to prayer is much easier now. In fact, most people who have written 10 prayer requests at the beginning of the fast will see a rapid acceleration of those requests being answered after the fast!
  5. I am in a position for financial blessings to overcome me and tackle me because of my obedience to fast. Read the book of Joel— you will notice that when the people humbled themselves and fasted financial blessings followed. This is a pattern all through the Word of God concerning fasting. Dr. Bob Rodgers reports that, without fail, there are a great number of people— amongst his 10,000 member congregation— that get huge job promotions and/or move into newer and better homes after their annual 21 day fast.
  6. Finally, I find that my passion to plant churches and win souls at any cost is greatly enhanced after a 21 day fast. No more excuses— Jesus is coming soon! I must be about my Father’s business, and place intercessory prayer and soul winning at the top of my list.  

These are only a few of my takeaways. The list could go on and on. Thanks for participating with us! Be sure to break your fast wisely. I have included some instructions below on how to wisely follow through to begin your eating once again. 

The Best is Yet to Come!

Lead Pastor Ron Enget  |  New Life

Click on the image above to download a PDF version. 

Click on the image above to download a PDF version.