DAY 19 | 21 Day Fast | Effects of Prayerlessness


Good morning, my friend! Today is a new day! Today is filled with God’s grace to help you toward the answers of the prayers and goals you have set before yourself at the beginning of this church-wide fast! 

I love fasting! When I prioritize my relationship with Jesus with intensified efforts of communication, and deny my flesh, there is so much benefit. I receive insight and discipline. You may ask, “How is discipline beneficial?” And may I ask you, “How do you expect to grow in character, grow in your relationship with Jesus, and pursue a greater level of holiness without discipline?" 

I was reading this past week in 1 Samuel. As I read, the Holy Spirit began to help me notice things about the dynamics of relationship regarding the three main characters. The three characters being: King Saul, King David, and Samuel the prophet. I noticed in the reading that each character had direct communication with God. They knew His voice and had insight to His ways. But it became obvious that one character went on a different course due to one, very large and glaring issue: *spoiler alert…prayerlessness.

King Saul more or less quit communicating with God and the results were devastating. What King Saul once enjoyed, such as a new heart and speaking prophesies from the Lord (1 Samuel 10:9-13), changed. As you continue to read in chapter 13, Saul makes a grave mistake in disobeying the expressed command of the Lord, (1 Samuel 13:7-13). One act of disobedience and reliance upon his own reasoning began to lead King Saul down a path that would be difficult to recover from. What we do always produces fruit and a legacy of some kind for others to build on. 

What fruit does prayerlessness bear? 

  1. Delusional actions and misconception of relationships around us (1 Samuel 18-19).
  2. Pride and self-reliance (1 Samuel 13 and 15).
  3. Religious and pious acts in substitution for obedience and active relationship with the Lord Jesus (1 Samuel 14).
  4. The most feared result of prayerlessness is the Spirit of God leaving you and not even knowing it, and tormenting spirits dwell (1 Samuel 16:14-23).

Prayerlessness left King Saul acting out against people who served him well, an inheritance lost, and so much more. Prayerlessness, for us as Christ-followers, will leave us devoid of any power, any sense of conviction for what is right and wrong, or a greater sense of His presence in our lives. Samuel mentions that being prayer-less for people around him would be as sin. I write this blog not in a condemning attitude, rather as a reminder of what legacy we are building for our children and for those around us. Prayer and prayerlessness will leave a legacy. 

I write to you so you can be encouraged to pray with all you've got each day! Prayer, a consistent and intentional effort to communicate with God, will reap the opposite of all these things listed above! Prayer will reap a clear mind and right perspective of relationships. We become aware that we need help from the body of Christ and to have an attitude of humility. Actions we take are done in love, out of obedience and vibrant relationship with the Lord. The Spirit of God will be with you all the days of your life! WOW!

Let this season of prayer and fasting be a launching pad of a year after year commitment of constant communication with Jesus! Be as King David, always tender before God. Be as Samuel, always responding in willing obedience to the voice of the Lord from youth on. Build a legacy in prayerful relationship with Jesus that will outlive you! 

Pastor Josh Heilbrun  |  New Life Church - Jamestown