DAY 16 | 21 Day Fast | The Power of Silence


Some people LOVE noise. As Americans, we often seem to need constant stimulation all the time. Silence is something we are uncomfortable with. We turn on music or audio books or podcasts or talk radio in the car; we turn on music or the TV when we get home. There is constant noise all around us. Technology has made this so easy these days….we can have nonstop noise! But even medical science has found that periods of quiet and rest are very helpful to our bodies, our immune systems, and even our brains!  And when you rest in God’s presence, with your spirit soft and tender from fasting, it’s even more beneficial!

The Apostle Paul said “Aspire to live a quiet life,” (I Thessalonians 4:11). Isaiah 30:15 says it this way “in quietness and confidence shall be your strength.” That’s so true! When we just sit quietly in God’s presence, our strength and confidence in Him is often renewed. When we come into God’s presence and just sit quietly, I like to get the picture of sitting in a garden with Him. Our souls rest. Just like our bodies are “resting” from food, so our spirit needs rest too!

There is power in silence before God. It’s not the absence of words that gives us strength, it’s being more attuned to God’s presence that empowers us. Have you ever heard that we don’t learn as much when we are talking as when we are listening? Think about it: if you are carrying on a conversation with someone, even God, we often are thinking about what you are going to say next, instead of what the other person is saying. Just like a muscle needs to rest after you have exercised it, so our souls often need rest to regain vision and determination. We even communicate with God in silence and quiet. Sometimes we are so uncomfortable sitting in quiet with someone. We think if there is no conversation, there is nothing happening! But think back to the time you were newly in love with someone….wasn’t it enough just to look into each other’s eyes or be in each other’s company?

So “resting in prayer” naturally comes when you QUIT talking! We grow, get closer to Him, and even come to KNOW Him more. I love Zephaniah 3:17. It says, “God celebrates and SINGS because of you and He will refresh your life with His love." Isn’t that good?

As you fast, practice times of resting with God. It will rejuvenate your spirit and renew your determination. Ask God to reveal Himself and His presence to you and then sit quietly in his lap and listen. He longs to do be found by those who seek Him!

Keep the faith!

Pastor Beth Beadle  |  New Life Worship Center - Beulah