The Bride Waiting for the Groom



As many of you know, I have recently married the love of my life (on August 11th).  August 20th was my first Sunday back at church as a Mrs.  There were many hugs and smiles and congratulations, which all felt warm and loving.  The one moment that stood out to me most was in Worship when we sang the song “Even So Come.”  There a line in the chorus that says, “Like a bride waiting for her groom, we’ll be a church ready for you” - and as I sang that line I was instantly brought back to my wedding day.  

I probably spent longer preparing myself to look absolutely perfect this day than any other event in my life.  Justin and I decided we would not see each other until I walked down the aisle.  I know that my husband thinks I am equally as gorgeous no matter if I am in sweat pants and a stained t-shirt with dirty hair or if I’m all done up in a wedding dress, but I still wanted to make sure I looked absolutely stunning for that first moment when he saw me as his future bride.  I carefully applied every part of my makeup, making sure every last part was perfect.  My older sister diligently styled my hair, using a lot of hair spray to make sure not one strand would be out of place.  

I remember my nerves and how anxious I was to walk down the aisle.  Moments before the bridal procession was to begin, I realized that I wasn’t wearing the special necklace I had picked out for that day and had several of my bridesmaids run and look for sister finally found it.  I remember just being so antsy.  I also received a card from my groom, which I read moments before I walked down the aisle.  The contents of that card were extremely meaningful, and reading his words made me fall in love with him even more.  Finally, it was time for me to leave my hiding room.  

My dad saw me for the first time that day as I stepped out of the room - and we got ready to walk down the aisle.  The moment those doors opened and I say my groom standing there, all the nerves and anxiousness went away and I was filled with joy, glee and excitement.  I’m pretty sure I had the biggest smile I have ever had on my face. Meanwhile, my groom was holding back his own tears.  There was such great anticipation, so much excitement - it’s definitely a moment I will never forget!

That big long story has a point, I promise.  Back to that Sunday, singing that song.  I was brought back to those moments I described above, but then a thought popped into my head, “Do I feel that way about Jesus?”  I realized that all those anxious/excited feelings I had about seeing Justin that day are the same feelings I should have about Jesus.  I know many times people hate when we romanticize our relationship with Christ, calling Him our boyfriend, husband, etc. but there is something to be said about how we should long for Jesus, the way we would long for our spouse.  I should want to make myself as beautiful and perfect as I can for the one who loves me more than any other person in the world will.  I should feel great excitement and all those nervous butterflies when I think of seeing Him.  I should want to present myself in the best way possible, even though I know that Jesus still loves me at my worst.  

Being married for this short period of time has already taught me many things.  This was an important reminder to me of how I view Jesus, and I hope that it sticks in your mind as well.

Pastor Kristen Boles | Children’s Pastor | New Life Bismarck