Half-Empty? Half-Full? Always Full?

Half-empty? Half-full? Always full?


There are different ways to view life, right? I found a few funny quotes from an anonymous source that I think some of you may relate to.

“The optimist says the glass is half full.”  

“The pessimist says the glass is half empty.” 

“The ground-down mother of a persistently demanding five-year-old says, ‘sweetheart it's whatever you want it to be, just please let mummy have five minutes peace and quiet.’ ”

“The first engineer says the glass is over-designed for the quantity of water.”

“The radical thankful child of Jesus says, ‘THE CUP RUNNETH OVER..’"

Are you ever around any of these types of people? Or are you any of these at a given point during life? I must admit sometimes I am the pessimist, or even completely negative saying the glass is bone dry and accusing someone else for it being that way.  I view the circumstances in front of me that God says I can overcome as completely insurmountable.

I feel just like the Israelites did in Numbers chapter 13. I end up forgetting or choosing to believe myself over God. The nation of Israel knows the commands of the Lord and His promises for them. They see God work in MIGHTY ways! He always comes through. Ten spies came back and said, in paraphrase, “No way, no how can we take that land! There are giants and huge fortresses!” Two spies said, “God is on our side! He will help us overtake any obstacle and fulfill His promises!” Ten spies said the glass is not only half empty, but those guys will take our glass! Two spies said our glass was not only half full, it is ready to be moved under the faucet and be filled to overflow!

They viewed the situation with different lenses when looking at the glass. The ten viewed the glass with their sight, their practical understanding, and their limitations. The two viewed the glass with their lenses of faith based on God’s promises, and past, proven strength/abilities. God asked this question in chapter 14 after the people rebel. Verse 11 says, “And the Lord said to Moses, ‘How long will these people treat me with contempt? Will they never believe me, even after all the miraculous signs I have done among them?’” Moses ends up asking the Lord to spare them from His immediate wrath. He spares them but as we all know, the Israelites end up wandering around for 40 years and God’s promise was kept that ALL of them but Joshua and Caleb, the two glass half full people, were not to enter into God’s ultimate promise.

This challenges me because I tend to look at life’s trials and circumstances in front of me with my own sight rather than God’s perspective. I end doubting the Truth that I read and doubting God’s voice. In my prayer time over the past few weeks I have been challenged to meditate on this passage and ask myself a couple of questions. What has God promised me from His Word or spoken to me specifically? What is God asking me to believe? How do those promises impact the world around me? How do those promises give me courage to influence people around me for Jesus? I would encourage you to review what God has spoken to you and then act accordingly. CHOOSE FAITH! CHOOSE TO LOOK AT THE GLASS FULL WITH GOD’S GRACE AND HIS PROMISES TO CARRY YOU THROUGH TO THE OTHER SIDE!