Why Growth Track?

Over the past couple weeks I’ve been processing the importance of Growth Track. It’s
something we’ve been talking about a lot, but I’d like to take some time to really explain what it is and why it’s so valuable at New Life. First, Growth Track happens every Sunday with only a
few exceptions. It’s our systematic step-by-step program that walks through the four vision
statements of New Life - Encounter God, Empower People, Enjoy Life, Exist for Others. You
can join at any time and if you miss a week it’s easy to make up the next month.

Check out the explanation below to see what each step is.

Four Steps of Growth Track

1. Encounter God - Understanding salvation and water baptism - Know God

a. Full explanation of the gospel and the explanation of why every believer should
be water baptized.

2. Empower People - Find belonging, connection, and community through membership
and small groups - Get Connected

a. Membership gives you a place to call your home.

i. You belong and are connected to a church body. We can’t live without a

b. Small Groups

i. Small groups are how NL is built - We recognize growth happens in small
groups because we become real with our struggles and victories.

ii. People won’t connect to NL without relationship.

3. Enjoy Life - Discover God given gifts and calling through personality and spiritual gifts -
Discover Purpose

a. Fulfill life’s purpose - We don’t want anyone floundering in life.

b. Find your best fit for ministry by discovering your spiritual gifts.

4. Exist for others - Live out of purpose and serve others through gifts - Make a difference

a. Mobilize every member of the family.

b. Live out of purpose and serve others through spiritual gifts.

In our home some of the biggest conflicts happen because of chores. Everyone loves
making a mess, but not cleaning it up afterwards. We believe that every family member in our
house needs to contribute to the family by helping. We all have to pitch in in order to keep our
home running with order, efficiency, and peace.

Just like our family, New Life is made up of volunteers who contribute their time and
gifts to establish the Kingdom of God in our communities. The success or failure of any church
is largely determined by the activity of those involved. If you believe in the vision of New Life to reach people, then there is a piece to the puzzle that only you fit into. There is a ministry God has created you for! You are a vital part of our family!

Our desire is to see every New Life attendee go through Growth Track, discover their
purpose, and find their place of ministry. Let’s be a part of the growth of the Kingdom of God in our communities together!!

God bless, P. Justin