God's Perfect Timing

I am sitting out in my work truck this morning, thinking about the timing of God. The sun is rising and it is right on time. There are so many things in nature that have a timing to them.  They never change or deviate from their timing that was set by Father God. There are other moments in our life where the timing of God plays a huge part. We may or may not like God's timing but it is His way. The Bible says that God's ways are higher than our ways. At times we find ourselves begging God to slow down, other times to speed up. Whatever side your on right now one thing will never change and that is God's faithfulness. He will never forget to fulfill His promise to you. It is pretty much a guarantee that it will happen in a way you don't understand or agree with. God didn't lead His people to the promised land by the quickest, easiest or most efficient route, but in the end it was the most profitable route for them. They did make it. God is faithful, Easter just passed and we can see in that celebration the faithfulness of God when He rose Jesus from the dead. He will do what He had spoken, not always in the way we want or understand but He will do it. Remember to put your focus and trust in the faithfulness of God, not on the method or timeline. One day you will look up and say, "Wow, how did that happen?"