Bold Prayers

My grandma is a prayer warrior. For as long as I can remember, she’s had a list of kids and grand-kids that she prays over every day. A number of years ago that task was much easier, but now our family has grown and the list is much longer. She’s faithful in her prayers though. They so believed in prayer and God changing lives that her and my grandpa sent Jennifer and I to a Benny Hinn crusade so I could be in an atmosphere of healing. That trip was one of the most faith building experiences I’ve ever had.

What you pray for reflects what you believe about God. If you don’t pray, it means you don’t believe God answers pray. Praying small prayers all the time reflects you don’t believe God answers big prayers. Prayers focused on yourself all the time could reflect a belief that God is there to serve you. Our language about prayer can also reflect our belief. Maybe you’ve heard it said, “Well all we can do now is pray.” Like prayer is the last resort. The last kid picked at dodge ball. Prayer isn’t weak, but sometimes our approach to prayer is. If we desire to see God work big in our lives, we must learn to pray bold prayers.

Acts 4 has a powerful example about praying bold prayers. In Acts 3, Peter and John pray and see a lame man healed. The religious leaders aren’t happy and threaten to harm Peter and John unless they stop proclaiming Jesus. Acts 4:29 says, “Now, Lord, consider their threats and enable your servants to speak your word with great boldness.” To me the ironic part of this story is that they pray for more boldness, but when reading the story, it was boldness that got them arrested and threatened in the first place. They were asking for more of what got them in trouble, but for the purpose of spreading the gospel more.

Have you ever prayed for more boldness? Boldness forces us to move beyond our own comfort zone. Rarely is boldness self-centered. It can be scary, however, because it can put us in a place to experience rejection but it forces us to rely on God. What impossible thing do I need God to do in my life? What impossible mountain does my family need moved? What area is God stretching you out of your comfort zone? My responsibility isn’t to answer prayers but to partner with God, do my part, and pray bold prayers.

Let’s believe and pray together boldly.

P. Justin

NLWC Beulah

Campus Pastor