Who Is Jesus?

One day Jesus was walking with those who were committed to following Him.

Jesus asked them a question: “Who do you say that I am?”

Peter answered Jesus: “You are the Christ, the Son of the living God!”

Jesus said back to Peter: “Flesh and Blood has not revealed this to you Peter, but My Father in Heaven!”

Who is Jesus to you?

Who has revealed that knowledge to you? Is that knowledge from a person or the living God?!

I submit today that if we are not having personal time on a regular basis with God’s Word and with seeking Him in the secret place, our knowledge of Him is from flesh and blood.

Why should I settle for someonelse’s knowledge of who Jesus is when I can seek Jesus for myself?

Paul prayed this for the people he cared for and I am praying this for you who are reading this blog. May the God our Father, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, give to you the Spirit of Wisdom and Revelation in the Knowledge of Him. May the eyes of your heart be enlightened! As you take time today to Draw Near to God may you KNOW HIM BETTER AND BETTER!

Take out your Bible and ask the Holy Spirit to help you Know Jesus in a deeper way!

Draw Near to Jesus in your prayer time and ask Him to quench your thirst for more of Him. Jesus said: “if you are thirsty, keep coming to Me and keep drinking.”

Draw Near to Jesus in your prayer time and sit silent with your heart focused on Him. Don’t let the things of this world interrupt your thoughts. Draw upon His presence! The Bible says: “Be still and KNOW that I am God”.

Don’t settle for someonelse's knowledge of Jesus.

Go, commit to your own RELATIONSHIP WITH HIM!!

God Bless

Pastor Ed