Patience is a virtue. Patience is also a quality of love, "love is patient, etc". Patience keeps us from running to far out in front of God and also keep our head above water when the floods of life come rushing in. Long distance runners pace themselves when they run, they also plan and patiently let that plan play out.

There is a story in the bible that we can see patience working when we know the people wanted to run. Moses and the people of God are standing at the banks of the Red Sea. The armies of Pharaoh are quickly approaching to wipe them out. God instructs Moses to lift the rod up that he had in his hands, we know the rest of the story.....the waters part, the people cross on dry land and Pharaoh is never seen again.

When I last read this story I saw a part I had never seen before, the bible says the wind blew across the sea bed all night long. The people of Israel had to wait with great patience before they could cross over. The devil wants us to act quickly and carelessly. God wants us to act patiently. I always say God takes a long time to do something quickly, that's just my thoughts. When everything is telling you to jump and jump NOW, take a breath and a moment, talk to the Holy Spirit and get on the same page. The absence of patients is not faith, faith works with patience to bring about a profitable outcome.