My Cup is Empty


My Cup is Empty

I am a very honest person, you can ask any child in my children’s ministry and they will say, “Pastor Kristen is very honest.” I always tell my kids the truth, especially about struggles I face in my personal life. I believe if I am open with them about the everyday struggles I face, they will learn that not only is it ok to be open with what you are struggling with, but it’s HEALTHY! As Christians, far too many times, we cover up our struggles with smiles so the world thinks we are just fine, but really on the inside, we are a hot mess.

Today, in this blog, I’m going to be brutally honest. For a while now, my cup has been empty. I have been pouring out from an empty place. Now, a lot of really great things have been going on in my life, at the top of the list is getting married. I have every reason to be happy and joyful, but at the end of the day, I find myself sad and upset. Why?! Because my cup is empty. I have been pouring myself into my ministry, my secular job and planning my wedding, I forgot to get refueled by spending time with Jesus. I have used the excuses like, “Jesus knows how busy I am, He understands,” or “I can’t possibly slow down enough to spend time with Jesus, I just have SO MUCH to do!” These are dangerous lies we tell ourselves in order to justify our lack of spending time with our Lord.

I recently went to a women’s conference and the speaker had an acronym for BUSY – Being-Under-Satan’s-Yoke. When she said that, it felt like a knife went through my heart because that TOTALLY described where I was. It’s painful to be convicted, but sometimes pain is a good thing because it alerts us to a problem. Today, I am admitting I have a problem. I have been too busy far too long and I have neglected the most important person in my life, Jesus! However, I have no plans to simply stay in this empty state because even though I have been maintaining, it has been exhausting, and just not worth it. I want to be close to Jesus, so I can cast all my worries and cares onto Him. I want to have a closeness where I am constantly hearing from Him and daily being led by the Holy Spirit. I plan to get my priorities straight, and not just say that but put action behind it. I want to encourage you, that if you feel like you are empty, and pouring out of a place of nothing, there is hope! You can rest! That is ok! Jesus wants you to spend uninterrupted time with Him. Yes, He knows just how busy you are, but how much more blessed and calm will you feel if you spend time with Him? How much more productive will you be without the constant guilt of “I really need to spend time with Jesus” hanging over your head?

So, if you’ve been empty like me, let’s grab our Bibles, journals, worship music and whatever else you need and spend time with our Savior. I know it won’t be time wasted!

Pastor Kristen Boles | Children's Pastor - New Life Church Bismarck