The Jesus Coupon

The Blood of Christ: Redemption & The Jesus Coupon

Who loves to coupon? We do! My wife Rochelle and I love to save money when we can. When we go to redeem that coupon and save 50-100% of the purchase it feels great! Why? Those coupons maximize our dollars. When presenting our coupons and our cash we are able to purchase the product for a better price. The product changes ownership so that it can be used for its originally-intended purpose. In the same way that we purchase something, Christ has purchased us so that we may be used for our originally-intended purpose (1 Corinthians 6:19-20).

Let’s start off by defining redemption as we see in the Bible. In the Bible, the word “redeem” is
translated three different ways. The first way means to buy or purchase. The concept is in the purchase of a slave. He is bought to be owned as property. Christ redeemed us, purchased us so that we belong to Him. The second way means to buy something for another purpose. This is represented by Christ purchasing us from the bondage of sin for the purpose of freedom in Him. The third way means that it carries the idea of a purchase that pays off a debt. A price that is necessary to secure the freedom of someone or something. Christ paid our sin debt. What we owed, Christ took in our place so that we may have enjoyable relationship with the Father.

I was reading Genesis 22 the other day, and in the first 13 verses we have the story of Abraham
obeying the Lord as he takes Isaac up to be sacrificed on Mount Moriah. The story continues when an angel of the Lord calls to Abraham and tells him not to hurt Isaac. A ram was caught in a thicket close by and that animal would become a substitutionary sacrifice in place of Isaac to the Lord. The Lord provided resulting in Isaac’s life spared! I want to note a couple of observations.

Firstly, this is a great picture of what our Heavenly Father did for us as he sent Jesus to this earth to be the substitutionary sacrifice in our place to atone for our sins. HOW AWESOME IS OUR GOD! What we deserved and should have received, He said, “WAIT! I know someone who will take your place and do so willingly.” Secondly, notice the ram was not a lamb as Isaac and Abraham had thought. We see now that having a ram was intentional on God’s part. If a lamb were to be provided, then what was expected to be the sacrifice would have been fulfilled. But because of the ram, this passage was a prophecy to the lamb of God. Thirdly, notice the outcome of Isaac’s life. If the angel of the Lord hadn't spoken and provided the ram, Isaac’s outcome would have been death. Instead, his boy Isaac lived. Interesting.

Even among great faith on Abraham’s part, not knowing the outcome, Isaac would have died. But, Abraham believed that his son’s life would be redeemed in some fashion. Check it out: Isaac’s life was redeemed from death to life. His outcome drastically changed because God provided a sacrifice to be a substitute for Abraham’s son. GOD’S REDEMPTION PLAN FOR YOU IS TO BRING YOU FROM DEATH TO LIFE!

Psalm 103:4 declares that, “He redeems me from death and crowns me with love and tender mercies,” showing that we don't receive the ultimate punishment. Jesus redeemed and purchased us from the bondage of sin for the purpose of freedom in Him!! God sent His son so that He might see the world saved from being eternally separated from Him and reconciled in relationship. Christ’s blood purchased you from a life that would have been spent in oppression, bondage and slavery. His blood gives you freedom, joy and a life filled with good things from God!

All you and I have to do is take the Jesus coupon that was provided for us to pay off all our debt. We must admit that we have sinned against God, believe that Jesus is God’s son, accept the gift of salvation and forgiveness, and confess our faith in Jesus, choosing to follow Him. God’s message is so powerful and all at the same time simple. Hallelujah! We have been redeemed from death to life!

Pastor Josh Heilbrun | Jamestown Campus