Everything Out of Nothing


Everything Out Of Nothing

“Then the Lord God formed man of dust from the ground (Our Body). And breathed into his nostrils the breath of life (Spirit); And man became a living being (Heart – soul and spirit of man)!” - Genesis 2:7 NASB (emphasis mine)

"God formed man from dust.” One of God’s names is Elohim— the “Mighty One Who Made Everything Out of Nothing.” Elohim occurs 32 times in the 1st chapter of Genesis. Isn’t it amazing to think about God creating Adam? Can you see God taking mud in His hands and sculpting Adam’s legs, arms, head, ears, eyes, etc.? Did God make each organ inside this form called Adam— a little dirt forming a kidney, liver, and intestines? Was this form three-dimensional? How awesome is God?! He is full of creative power!

The world we live in is stunningly beautiful and was created out of nothing for us. Do you think God thought about making Adam first and then decided to make the world— with oxygen, gravity, and chocolate? Or did God make the world and then decide to make a being called mankind to enjoy it with Him? These are things to ponder. God, we are amazed at Your creative ability and power!

“Then God breathed into Adam’s nostrils…and man became a living being.” Wow! The dirt form came to life! Did the dirt veins and arteries turn from dirt to flesh by the breath of God, or did they just appear there? We don’t know, but God is amazing!

God is still Elohim, “The Mighty One who can make everything out of nothing.” Are you struggling with health issues today? Just ask God to breathe on you with His creative breath. God wants to heal you even more than you want to be healed! Do you need restoration in relationships, a job, or breakthrough in another area? Remember, God loves you and He is still able to create anything where there seems to be nothing. All you need to do is ask Elohim

Pastor Ed Langeliers | Executive Pastor