Divine Healing, it’s old and new.


Diving Healing, it's old and new. 

I just love the Bible! I get a picture of who He is, what He loves to do and the consistencies of His character. In the Bible, we can see that the New Testament (NT) is laced with God’s grace as Jesus came to earth to be the perfect sacrifice. We needed to live a life of holiness and pay the price we could not, so God gave His grace. Grace = unmerited favor and blessings! We also see in the N.T. that Jesus showed the Father’s motive to see many people healed from sickness and disease. We don't see healing as often in the Old Testament (OT) so we sometimes think God changed or didn't want to. If we read slowly, intentionally and prayerfully we can see something very different. God wants to heal people.

What changed? Nothing. God’s desire was always to heal and restore people. I’ll give you two examples. Do you remember the nation of Israel looking at the bronze snake in Numbers 21 to be healed from the snake venom? And then later in the NT, John 3, that this snake would be a representation of what Jesus would do on the cross; except Jesus would do it for all mankind. The Israelites in Numbers 21 had sinned and therefore a consequence ensued. Looking upon the snake they were made well, divinely healed, and restored.

Do you remember when Elisha helps a woman and her husband from Shunem in 2 Kings 4? They gave Elisha a place for himself to rest as he passed through the area often. He wanted to do something for them and his servant Gehazi noted that they were unable to have children. Elisha then prophesied that they would have a child, and it was so. Fast forward some years. One day he fell ill and died. I will let you read the details of the story, but I want you to notice that at verses 32-37, the result was that the boy came back to life. Did you see that?? The boy was dead and was raised to life!!! WOW! Do you think this could be a foreshadowing of what the Messiah, Jesus Christ, would do? How does seeing healing in the OT affect our lives and our view of God? What else does scripture say about healing? Are there examples of people not getting healed for a particular reason?

Admittedly, I do not have the answers to some questions that are asked about divine healing that aren't here. Especially the question, “Why?” that is asked out of the experience when someone isn't healed from sickness or disease, or standing next to parents who watch their new-born child slowly slip away. A couple of things I do know: There is no condemnation (Romans 8) for those in Christ Jesus who walk by the Spirit rather than the flesh. Jesus loves unconditionally, He does not condemn. Also, I must not allow my experience to dictate my view of God. Why? An accurate view of God must come from an authoritative source that is beyond my ability to dictate or change it. Our views grow and change. As we read the Bible our minds are renewed (Rom. 12) and our views will align more with HIS truth and not our own truth that can form through personal experience.

What is my point? What is the punchline? JESUS NEVER CHANGES (Heb. 13:8) AND HE DESIRES FOR YOU TO BE HEALED! All throughout scripture we see God healing people through various means. Laying on of hands and praying in Jesus' name in Mark 16:15-18, anointing with oil in James 5, and understanding that through Christ’s sacrifice we are healed in Isaiah 53, etc. In Isaiah 53:5 it says “… by His wounds (stripes or scourging), we ARE healed.” A present-tense form of the word that is the grace-filled solution to answering sins problems! An atoning work for our sins presented as a gift. A complete work of spiritual, emotional, physical healing and restoration. YOU ARE HEALED! We must start believing scripture for what it says and move into a realm of faith. By His wounds - not lengthier prayers, going to church every Sunday (which is fun to do), or other formal acts, but an act of faith; being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.  

As someone who has something that has no root cause and no solution other than Jesus, let our confessions change from that of hope, to faith aligning with what Isaiah prophesied and what Jesus actively paid for already! The living God has wonderful things to say to you about who He is so we have a clearer picture of His awesomeness and consistencies of character! Dig deeper!

Pastor Josh Heilbrun | Jamestown Campus Pastor