Day Eighteen - 21 Day Fast, January 26, 2017

As we walk with the Spirit of Truth, communing with Him and yielding to Him, divine truth is ever EXPANDING in us, bringing us to a mature relationship with God. (Presenting The Holy Spirit by Fuchsia Pickett)

At the beginning of every year we intentionally EXERCISE our spirits and deny our flesh!  We do this through FASTING, PRAYER, and THE BREAKTHROUGH OFFERING.  We are choosing to YIELD to the Spirit of Truth, not our flesh.  We can expect divine TRUTH to ever EXPAND in us!  Which will bring us to a MATURE RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD!
Continue to STRETCH with us this year. Let’s ask the Spirit of Truth to help us go further than before.  

Spiritual Growth is like a muscle you can STRETCH and see grow.  Come on let’s EXERCISE!
I want to be CONTROLED by the Holy Spirit, not my stomach and body.
TRUTH – In Matthew 6 Jesus said ‘When you fast”, not if you FAST.
STRETCH – If you have never fasted:  Fast one meal, then a whole day, then 3 days, then a week, then 21 days and then even up to 40 days.  Exercise your spiritual will power.  Take your time to implement this exercise regimen and within a matter of 6 months you can have mastery over king stomach, actually mastery over the cravings that control your whole being.  It is being obedient to the Spirit of Truth and is guaranteed to change you for the better!

What are you giving your TIME to?  Are you giving your time to Eternal Things or Temporary Things, Godly Things or Worldly Things? 
TRUTH – In Matthew 6 Jesus said: “When you pray”, not if you PRAY!
Praying is a daily EXERCISE we all should be participating in.  
STRETCH – If you pray for 2 minutes a day stretch to pray for 5 minutes.   Then stretch to 10 minutes, then to 30 minutes, and then 1 hour at a time.  Let the Spirit of Truth help you as you yield to Him.  Watch DIVINE TRUTH ever expand in you as you do your prayer stretches.  Watch yourself mature in your relationship with God during your prayer stretches!

Now last but not least, YOUR MONEY!  
Money either controls you or you control money.  
My money is given to me by God so I can help advance the Kingdom of God.  
Let the Spirit of Truth work inside your spirit on this truth for 6 months!  Come on, STRETCH!
The only thing you can take to heaven with you is other people!  When you GIVE to the work of the church, the kingdom of God, your money goes to work to bring people into HEAVEN and connect them with GOD’S KINGDOM!  Every person who is touched through the church is credited to your account in heaven, because you GAVE!  GIVE BEYOND YOUR ABILITY!  STRETCH    
TRUTH – In Matthew 6 Jesus said: “When you give’, not if you GIVE!
I love these statements from Pastor Steve Furdick.  “When we give to God, the GIFT is never gone.”  “When we give to God it becomes SEED!”  “A FARMER doesn’t have a funeral for his seed.  He knows he will see the seed again and it will be greater than before.”
“NOTHING I KEEP CAN BE KEPT and NOTHING I GIVE TO GOD CAN BE TAKEN AWAY!!”  I will add something to this statement.  Nothing I GIVE to God can be taken away…EVER!!  Come on EXERCISE YOUR GIVING THIS YEAR!  STRECTH!!

God Bless You!    
Pastor Ed