Day Seventeen - 21 Day Fast, January 25, 2017

One of my heros in scripture is Joseph. He demonstrated uncompromising character in the face of incredible adversity. He ended up being one of the most effective leaders in history because He believed God’s promise to see his dreams fulfilled. In Genesis 40:1 it says Joseph was in prison for “Some time”. Some scholars believe this was approximately 7 years. Seems like a real stretch for someone promised to rule to believe his dream while in an extended prison sentence. How easy would it have been for Joseph to let go of his dreams? Joseph didn’t complain, though; instead he applied himself fully both as a slave and prisoner. He glorified God even through his hardships. Eventually Joseph’s dreams come to pass and he moves from the prison to the palace, saving his entire family from a certain death of starvation. What a story of God fulfilling dreams!

What promises and dreams do you have yet to come to pass? One reason we fast according to Jesus’ own words in Matthew 6:16-18 is that there are rewards that come as we surrender our flesh. If we apply ourself with the same resolve of Joseph, I believe the dreams and promises of God will come to fulfillment. Sometimes when we are called to wait for God’s plan to come to pass, it is not a passive waiting, but a very active one that leads to personal growth and character development.

Pray this today:

Thank you God for your faithfulness in fulfilling dreams and promises. Help me to be like Joseph and apply myself completely in my struggles. Thank you Jesus, amen.

Believing God’s Best for you,

P. Justin

Campus Pastor - NLWC