Day Ten - 21 Day Fast, January 18, 2017

            Snow, snow, snow, snnoooowwww! This little portion of lyrics is from my wife's favorite Christmas movie, White Christmas. We can definitely sing that song this year. There is no shortage of the beautiful white stuff outside. All this snow (and blizzards) had a downside though to, keeping my driveway clear. It has been a fight for sure. When I would prepare to go outside to move snow I looked a awful lot like Randy from the Christmas Story with all the layers. Much like keeping up with the snow is our battle, so the Bible talks about another battler we face.

            Ephesians 6:10-18 is one of the more famous portions of scripture because it contains a description of the Armor of God and insight into the battle we face in the spiritual realm. Much like I prepare to fight the snow battle outside, so we have to prepare to fight the spiritual battle we’re engaged in. You would never shovel naked; don’t fight naked either

The armor helps us do two things:
1)    Take a stand against the enemy.
2)    Keep our stand against the enemy.

Taking our stand through prayer means we don’t conform to the pattern of this world but allow our mind to be renewed and transformed (Rom. 12:2). We take a stand against things such as pride, gossip, pornography, or anything that separates our relationship with Jesus. It also means we take a stand for things too. Take a stand for righteousness, purity, holiness, sacrifice.

Keeping our stand through prayer means we must agree with what the Word of God says. Pray the Word! Speak the word! Believe the Word! Declare the Word! Read Isaiah 54:17, 1 John 4:4, and Luke 10:19 for a great start. Just like snow in our driveway has to be continually moved so we must continually keep our stand through prayer to see victory in our life.

Find some extra time to pray in your known language and in the Holy Spirit like Ephesians 6:18 says. You’ll find yourself ready to fight your battles.

God Bless and Happy Fasting!

P. Justin