Day Nine - 21 Day Fast, January 17, 2017

As we continue our 21 day fast, there are a few things that I would like to impress upon you:

1)  It is important to make Getting Closer to God as your first priority during this fast.

James 4:8 tells us that as we draw nigh to God, He will draw nigh to us.  I can see a picture of God waiting for us to take the initiative in our relationship with Him, and He eagerly responds to our efforts by taking two steps towards us for every one step we take towards him.

Think about how valuable it is to have a close, intimate relationship with God.  This is where we hear His voice clearly and accurately.  This is also the place where we feel supremely loved and cared for.  When we truly live as His “bride” we enjoy a place of supreme favor in His eyes.

2)  Ask God for a Pure Heart during this fast.

We live in a defiled culture.  Sin abounds everywhere—we are inundated by it.  It rubs off on us without our awareness.  Pretty soon we think, act, talk and behave like the rest of the world. 

Fasting brings us into an acute awareness of what is not pleasing to the Lord.  As we continue in this process of self-denial, the flesh weakens its hold on us, and we gain a new freedom in our lives. 

It is easier to repent when we carry a humble spirit through fasting.  We find ourselves turning from many different types of sin that are presently hindering our relationship with the Lord and with others in our family or workplace. 

When the fast is complete, we can anticipate living life with a new confidence and assurance--and possessing a fresh feeling of being “right with God”!!

3)  Having a Correct Attitude is a key to successfully finishing the fast. 

One famous business coach who has helped hundreds of people succeed said, “Attitude is 90% of success.” 

I assure you----you will be tempted to take on a complaining and negative attitude over the next few days as your body resists the spiritual discipline of fasting.   Be careful how you respond during this time of testing. 

It is absolutely true---your attitude determines your altitude.  If you choose a negative attitude during difficult fasting days, it will be impossible to continue strong.

Do not speak negative words concerning your fast, or your ability to participate in it.  Some say “I guess fasting is not for me” or “this is just too hard and I can’t handle it”--then they wonder why their body and mind finds excuses on a daily basis to not follow through on the fast. 

Remember, if you speak it, your body and your future begins to conform to the words you speak.  It is much better, and healthier, to speak scriptures during such times.  Repeating Philippians 4:13, “I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me” over and over again during difficult days--will absolutely change the results you get with your fast over the next 12 days.

May God richly bless you as you diligently seek HIM over the next 12 days!!

Pastor Ron Enget

New Life Lead Pastor