Day Four - 21 Day Fast, January 12, 2017

Wisdom to use the SWORD 0F THE SPIRIT 

Hebrews 4:12 MES
His powerful Word is sharp as a surgeon’s scalpel, cutting through everything, …
During this fast expose the areas of your life that need the Holy Spirit to take the scalpel of the Word and do spiritual surgery: 

My Inner Thoughts
My Emotions
My Prejudices
My Habits
My Motives
My Attitudes
My Addictions
My Hidden Sins

(Taken from the Spiritual Warfare Bible)

If any area of your life is not Christ-like, ask the Holy Spirit to show you Scriptures you can apply to the area to see it totally change. 

Spiritual warfare takes the Sword of the Spirit -God's Word- and defeats every attack of the enemy. Jesus defeated satan in the wilderness with the Word. “It is Written” (Matt 4:1-17) Never reason with, debate with, or argue with satan.
Simply defeat Him with the Spirit's Sword.
To use the Sword, you must know the Word and be empowered to use it by the Spirit. 
When we declare: “It is Written” we are picking up the Sword of the Spirit and using it against the enemy!

Things you need the Holy Spirit to do in your life in order to launch an offensive attack with His Word.
Help to understand God's Word
Increased hunger & thirst for the Word
Ability to memorize and recall the Word
Boldness to use and apply the Word
Strength to defeat the enemy with the Word
Wisdom to pray the Word

(Taken from the Spiritual Warfare Bible)

During the fast ask the Holy Spirit to help you in each one of these areas.

Make this a prayer.  “Holy Spirit let the Sword of The Spirit work in me and for me!”

Have a great fast.
Pastor Ed Langeliers, Jr.