Day Two – 21 Day Fast, January 10, 2017

 We are so happy you’ve joined us for the next 21 days of prayer and fasting.  We believe this will be a very rewarding time as you draw closer to the Lord.  Many benefits await you—both physical and spiritual.  Here are a few things to consider as we launch our fast together:

1.  Get a plan and determine your why!

It is difficult to be consistent in prayer and fasting for 21 days if you don’t have a specific plan of exactly how you will fast and pray.   Fasting is a challenge, and if you haven’t decided beforehand exactly “how” and “what” you will fast and “when”, you will be tempted to alter your fast or even discard it.

Many will be fasting for 21 days with just mineral water or juices; while others will be limiting themselves to 1 meal a day with limited calories (we recommend only 400-600 calories for an evening meal).

Still others will be “Daniel Fasting” with only fruits and vegetable intake for 21 days.  Whatever your plan, don’t alter it once you start. 

Ask God for wisdom in how to approach the fast, write down your plan, and then stick with it.  You will be glad you did when you face difficult days and need to press through the adversity.  You will be richly rewarded for not giving into temptation to quit or change things up for the sake of convenience. 

Also, when you know the purpose of your fast, you have internal motivation to finish it.

People who are externally motivated rarely follow through.  They are merely acting out of rote obedience to fulfill a religious duty.  This rarely works.  External motivation is a cruel taskmaster that tries to beat a person into submission.

Far better it is to write down 1-5 reasons why you desire to fulfill a 21 day fast.  Your list may look something like the following:

  • I want to get closer to God, and experience life changing intimacy with Him!
  • I want God to intervene and bring healing in my family!
  • I long to see my family and relatives (parents/children) come to Christ!
  • I want to hear the voice of the Lord clearly and distinctly!

2.  Take time with God every day!

I have heard it said, that “Fasting without prayer is only a diet”.  The focus of every fast is to clear the spiritual clutter out of our lives and to draw closer to God.  We must take time to meditate on scripture every day, and to talk to the God who created us and loves us dearly.

Start each day over the next 21 days reading the scriptures and worshipping God.  Then bring your requests to him in faith.  Begin to imagine how your life will look as God answers your prayers.  Wait in his presence and listen for his voice.  Write down the “revelations” and ‘insights” you receive while waiting in his presence.

 Thank you for participating in this fast!  God will reward you abundantly!

Pastor Ron Enget

Lead Pastor, New Life