What I’ve Learned my last 5yrs at New Life

This being my final blog a pastor with New Life I decided to share a few bits of what I have learned during my time as Children’s pastor. As I’m sitting in at my computer with my tea beside me, my mind is just amazed at how God has moved in my life. So what have I learned…

1. When God says go, don’t argue, just go.
2. There’s never a dual moment in Kids ministry. (Kids say the darndest things!)
3. Remolding is hard but survivable. Can we say Kids Wing!!
4. Some decisions take years. Be patient, it just might happen.
5. “You want me to do two churches, two kids ministry!” So glad Pastor Kristen is in Bismarck
6. How to tell your pastor aka boss, “I’m thinking about getting married, oh yeah he’s from another country.”
7. You never know what to expect at a New Life conference. “Wait another conference?”
8. There is no “I” in “TEAM” What do you need me to be today?
9. Adding mom to my hats is a lot of change! He’s worth it
10. When God doesn’t make sense, go with it, it’s always better anyways.

New life family it has been an amazing five years. You have come along side me through so much. I hope that you have received from me, as much as I have from you. If I can leave you with one more thing, trusting will take you in unexpected turns, but when you stay in the peace of God the turns are smooth.

Love you all!
Pastor Shannon Aloo