Exist for Other

Exist for Others by Pastor Ed

When Jesus did ministry, He did what His Heavenly Father asked Him to do. He Existed for Others. One way He Existed for Others was to choose 12 disciples. Jesus had a Small Group!

Jesus called them to His mission as He declared, ‘Come Follow Me’. Jesus prayed for them, modeled ministry for them, mentored them, and sent them out as leaders. Through this ragtag group of followers, Jesus set in motion the movement that has reached billions of people.

Just like Jesus, God wants to show you people He wants you to Pray for, Reach out to, Care for, and Empower.

What if every believer would intentionally ask God to show them 12 people to PRAY for consistently? What if each one of us did PRAY for them? What would happen? Statistics show us that the people we PRAY for are impacted in powerful ways!

What if every believer asked God to show them 12 people they could REACH out to on a regular basis? (When we combine PRAYER and REACHING OUT the impact is amazing.) In our world we have so many different ways to REACH out. We can text, call, send hallmark cards to REACH out to someone for Jesus. Statistics show us that multitudes have been rescued from the grip of hell and brought into the Kingdom of God because one caring person REACHED out to someone else!

Getting together in a Small Group is one of the best ways to show someone else you CARE. Taking the time once a week to intentionally get together. Don’t be a lone ranger in God’s Kingdom be like Jesus. Choose some people who you can live life with!

As we live life with the 12 people God has shown us to PRAY for, REACH out to, and CARE for. God will begin to reveal to us their gifts, strengths and talents. We then begin to EMPOWER them by encouraging them to use their God given strengths to find people to PRAY for, REACH out to, CARE for, and EMPOWER. Just like Jesus, you can advance God's Kingdom.

Jesus was a great example of what choosing a Small Group of people can do to change the world. Jesus came to Exist for Others and so can you.