Learning to Worship at ALL Times

Learning to Worship at ALL Times

You were created to worship God.  There are many definitions of the word "worship", but I especially like Webster's.  It defines "worship" as "to honor or reverence; to regard with great or extravagant respect or devotion."  Does that define your response to God?

Noted psychologist Dr. Ray Pritchard says this...

"I would define worship in the broadest sense as the soul's response to God.  It is anything I do in my soul where I am truly aware of my Heavenly Father, and I am turning to Him in the time of need.  It might be with joy, with praise, or with a broken heart.  I think in those moments when you have lost someone dear or had a great disappointment, our Heavenly Father is honored when deep inside you turn to Him & cry out, 'Oh God, you are awesome!  Your ways are beyond finding out!  Lord, I do not understand but I bow before You because you are God & you are awesome!'  That to me is real worship."

Remember Hezekiah?  He was a King of Judah who trusted God with whole-hearted devotion both in good & bad times.  The Bible records in 2 Kings 18:5 that "there was no one like him among all the kings of Judah, either before him or after him".  Even in hard times or times of bitter loss & tears, Hezekiah approached God with a reverent, worshipful heart, & God heard his prayers!  In 2 Kings 20:3 Hezekiah reminded God of his heart to worship Him, NO MATTER WHAT, & God heard him & answered his prayers.

Are you like that?  Willing to worship God with wholehearted abandon, even in physical, emotional, or life shaking pain?  That's the lovers He desires...those who trust & believe.  They feel the pain ...& the fear...but they worship anyway.  We must strive to be this kind of loving worshipper...ALL the time!!

Be encouraged!

Pastor Beth Beadle | Worship Pastor Beulah Campus