Weed: What God Wants to Do in Our Lives


Woah! Another controversial blog post about cannabis, really?

No - not so much! But . . . I got your attention!

This blog has to deal with another use of the word weed (one a little less controversial in the headlines right now). This blog is about the verb form of the word weed, defined as follows by Merriam-Webster Dictionary:

  1. to clear of weeds
  2. to free from something hurtful or offensive
  3. to remove the less desirable portions of
  4. to get rid of (something harmful or superfluous)

All around us, as spring is beginning to come into summer, people are busily preparing their gardens. Tilling. Planting. Fertilizing. Watering. The warm sun beats down, the fresh smell of summer is in the air!

Question: “Honestly - what can go wrong?”

Answer: Weeds.

Whether you garden, tend the lawn, farm or simply live anywhere near a piece of untreated soil during this season; you know of weeds. They are known to grow in the hardest of places, where nothing else wants to grow. They spread rapidly. They are viscous. They are strong. They can hurt the very thing that you spent so much time on.

And so we “weed”. We diligently take the required time and energy to remove the weeds, knowing that if we don’t, they will grow and multiply; stealing much-needed nutrients from the healthy vegetation surrounding them. ...we “weed”.

Very much like the physical reality, weeds are equally nasty in the spiritual reality! Whether bitterness, anger, lust, jealousy, greed or gossip - “spiritual weeds” can all too easily be planted and grow in our hearts. They often times grow subtly - but wreak havoc none the less.

So, the question now stands: “Are there weeds growing in our hearts? If so, what are they?”

Now before we are too quick to dismiss the question, potentially unable to identify with the more “blatant” weeds, here’s the twist: I remember learning in my high-school “Advanced Botany Horticulture” class (it sounds more epic than it was), that a weed can be defined as anything growing out of place. With this definition, a tree growing in the wrong place is a weed. A beautiful flower planted in the wrong spot is a weed. Imagine the spiritual implications. Maybe it’s that thing that everyone else is doing that is “acceptable” and doesn’t seem like an issue, but right now God is showing you that it is not His best for you. Maybe it’s that thing that you can mentally justify, but spiritually can’t find peace about.

The question remains the same: “Are there weeds growing in our hearts? If so, what are they?”

Today’s prayer: God, thank You that You see deep into my life. Please help me to identify those things that are spiritual weeds (anything growing out of place). My life is open to you - please remove those things that are not of you, in order to make more room for you! Thank you, Jesus!

“Search me, God, and know my heart; test me and know my anxious thoughts. See if there is any offensive way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting.” - Psalm 139:23-24

Ethan Bohn | Guest Blogger