Men With Pants and Girls With Swords


Men With Pants and Girls With Swords

A Call to the Warrior to Arise

I love Exodus 15:3 - "The Lord is a Warrior, the Lord is His name!" I fell in love with this verse following a trip to Frisco, Texas with a group of New Life men. It's a part of the Song of Moses after Israel had crossed the Red Sea and watched the Egyptian army get swallowed up in the closing of the parted waters! The entire Song of Moses is like a high action movie that would get any man's attention. In fact, Exodus 15:3 reeks of masculinity! But wait just a moment women! Before you decide this blog post is irrelevant to you, just remember this: The same Lord who is a Warrior that created men, created you! I think Lisa Bevere had it right when she wrote the book "Girls With Swords"! So this an encouraging challenge for men and women alike. A challenge to fight the good fight, stay in the battle, and finish the race! We are all warriors. And if there was ever a time in our nation when we needed warriors in the church to rise up and be warriors, it's now! Here are three brief challenges to inspire the warrior within you:

1) Warriors Focus on God, not the Problem

How easy it is to dwell on some challenge we are facing! But have you ever noticed that with the dwelling comes the swelling? By the time we're done dwelling on a challenge, that challenge has become this huge insurmountable problem that not even God can fix! Sounds absurd when we put it that way, but we've all done it. The disciples had just watched Jesus feed 4,000 people with seven loaves and a few little fish. Soon afterward they're in a boat with Jesus concerned that Jesus is mad at them because they only brought one loaf of bread to feed the thirteen of them. Jesus rebukes them for using earthly "reasoning" instead of a heavenly perspective about what He was saying. It is often I have to remind myself that "As Jesus is, so am I in this world (1 John 4:17). Well how IS Jesus? Well, according to the description of Jesus in Revelation 1:9-20, He certainly isn't feeling anxious about any problems! As long as we're obediently following Jesus, He will act on our behalf. Let's let God get bigger through a transformed mind rather than or struggles getting bigger by earthly reasoning.

2) Warriors Get Back Up

Sometimes as believers we get discouraged with ourselves when we make mistakes, don't get it right, get discouraged, or worry about a problem. I know I do. It is so easy to feel like we haven't grown at all in our walk with God and feel as if we should be so much farther along. But the maturity of a believer isn't determined by whether or not we mess up or never worry or get afraid. I believe maturity is measured by how long we allow something to keep us down. Maybe you're feeling anxious over something or maybe you've messed up. Well don't let it destroy your week - or even your day! Snap out of it! The King is on the throne and you are His child! You are a citizen of a Kingdom that is marked by love, peace, and joy. If we ever feel emotions outside of these, we know we need a correction. I need to do this almost daily!!!!! God will fight for you, so get back up warrior!

3) Warriors Are Not Lone Rangers

We are not meant to fight all of our battles alone. Psalm 68:6a says, "God places the lonely in families." Our modern culture has become so disconnected, disengaged, and isolated. This grieves the heart of God who is all about family. God created family and desires for His people to become one. I know what you're thinking: getting too close to other people almost guarantees mess and challenges. Of course it does! But Kingdom Warriors will fight for anything that God will fight for. And God will fight for relationship and connection! The Warrior of all warriors went to the cross for this reason! When we learn to be transparent in relationships with others, we will discover the unconditional love that God has for us at new levels! We will find that none of us are perfect and we all need one another. We will learn to accept one another and value our differences. This is why New Life is a church of small groups. Get into a small group and you'll soon discover why transparent relationships are one of a Kingdom Warriors greatest assets!

So rise up men and be Godly men! Rise up women and be Godly women! The world awaits a church that sees themselves as God sees them - and act like it!

Rise up Warrior!

Pastor Marc Eidahl | Bismarck Campus Pastor