Sunday is Coming

SUNDAY IS COMING: The Supernatural Life Starts with the Impossible

Have you ever found yourself locked out of your vehicle or house? Isn’t that one of the most despairing feelings, hearing the door shut and seeing your keys hanging from the ignition? Now what!? I’m thinking that feeling was similar to what the disciples must have been feeling to a greater degree the night Jesus died. Their mentor and leader was dead, now what!? 

We of course know the rest of the story. We know that Jesus rose from the dead 3 days later. We know from Revelation 1:18 that Jesus said He is alive for evermore and He holds the keys to death and hell. We know that Jesus made an impossible situation possible, by fulfilling what was impossible for any man to do. It took the perfect sacrifice of the Son of God to take back the only thing that Satan still had the keys to - death and hell. Friday looked dark but Sunday was a different story. John chapter 11 tells the wonderful story of Lazarus’ death and resurrection. I’d like to briefly look at the responses of three individuals. 

  • Thomas – Thomas gets a bad rap because he responses showed his struggle with doubt. John 11:16 isn’t any different. Thomas is doubtful this situation will turn out good. In fact, he thinks the Jewish leaders are going to put them in the grave next to Lazarus. He was dead in doubt. 
  • Mary – John 11:20 says Martha went to meet Jesus, but Mary stayed home. Have you ever been discouraged? Sometimes I find myself saying all the right things, knowing all the lingo, but inside I’m struggling. Funny how when depression sets in, the very thing we need to do is what we don’t what to do. Get out of your house, be with other people, go meet Jesus.  Don’t become isolated. She was dead in discouragement.
  • Martha – In John 11:21, Jesus gets a butt chewin’ from Martha. “If you had been here, my brother would still be alive.” I many times have a time frame that I feel would be best, but the more I’ve walked with Jesus the more I’ve realized my timing isn’t always Jesus’ timing. Jesus purposefully waited so that a greater miracle could be witnessed by Lazarus resurrection, but the delay was killing Martha. She was dead in the delay.

A few years ago, Bobby Connor preached a message entitled, “What a difference a day can make.” One day things could be very dark and hopeless, the next our dreams and needs could be fulfilled. The tone of the story flips in John 11:22-26, because Jesus goes to meet with Lazarus’ family. Jesus declares that He is the resurrection and the life and in verse 43-44 Jesus calls Lazarus out of the grave. What a difference a day can make! All the doubts, discouragement, and questions of delay were answered in one moment. Don’t give up on your doubts. Sunday is coming. Don’t give up in discouragement. Sunday is coming. Don’t give up in the delay. Sunday is coming. Despite the impossible look of any situation, supernatural power is available and when we’re in Christ, we win.

P. Justin Werven || Associate Pastor - Beulah