We Are Launching Growth Track!

It is with great excitement that we launch our Growth Track on Sunday, November 6, at Noon—at New Life in all our locations!

We are inviting all our guests to join us for lunch with the Pastors—and then to attend Step One of our Growth Track.

Our Growth Track has four steps, with each step being offered on the corresponding Sunday of the month.  Step One will be offered on the first Sunday, Step Two on the second Sunday, and so on.  In this manner we will be consistently running our Growth Track every month!  (Those desiring to participate can begin the Growth Track on any Sunday).

Even though we are inviting all our guests and some of our church leaders for the initial months, we are anticipating that our long standing attendees will be able to attend some time early next year!

Step One focuses on helping people “Encounter God.”  Encountering a living, loving God and getting to know Him personally is always the first step of any spiritual journey!

Step Two focuses on “Empowering People.”  Once we are connected to God, we will be empowered by connecting to a life giving church—and also to God’s people in small groups.  Then and only then can we GROW spiritually and realize our full potential and inheritance in Christ!

Step Three helps believers “Enjoy Life.”  When we discover “Why” we are on this planet, it becomes the source of extraordinary joy and hope.  Every one of us is gifted.  We are committed to helping you discover what your good at—and what God has called you to do.  Once that is discovered, you will truly live abundantly.

Step Four challenges us to “Exist for Others.” Every one is hardwired with an intense desire to use their gifts to make a difference in someone else’s life. When we join one of New Life’s Dream Teams and learn to serve—our lives will experience the ultimate sense of happiness and fulfillment! When we seriously get involved with helping God fulfill his dreams, he takes a giant step towards helping us fulfill our own personal dreams.

As a church, we have organized ourselves around these four steps.  We define success this way:  When people are moving on the spiritual journey that God has prepared for them!

Those who participate in the Growth Track and complete all 4 steps will see their life’s purpose—and their spiritual growth—accelerate exponentially!

See you at Growth Track!

New Life Lead Pastor

Ron Enget